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In recent years, fly fishing has come to be regarded as real sport and people all around the world think that the satisfaction gained from it is great. Fly fishing is different than regular fishing because it involves different types of equipment and bait. Different techniques need to be used to successfully master the art of fly fishing. One major difference between standard fishing and fly fishing are the knots used. Although there are many types of knots involved in fly fishing, the most commonly used knots are easy to tie. The basic knots used in fly fishing are the arbor knot, Albright knot, nail knot, double surgeons knot and the improved clinch knot. The arbor knot should be applied and is used to connect the fly reel to the backing. The Albright knot is used to connect the backing to the fly line, the nail knot provides the connection between the fly line and the leader, the double surgeons knot connects the leader to the tippet and the improved clinch knot fastens the fly tothe tippet. These will seem difficult to master at first, but will become easier with practice and patience. It is important to test all of the knots before fishing. People should pour some water on them and pull gently on them to insure that they are tight and secure. Everyone, including seasoned professionals, forgets to do this sometimes, and Louis Vuitton Veske the result can be that the knots come loose and parts of the rod and reel detach and Prada Geldbörse Herren fall into the water, Louis Vuitton Tasker Til Kvinder or fish may escape from the line and swim away. Equipment should be replaced if it shows signs of wear. It is often said that good technique is only useful with good equipment. If the equipment is not 100%, Louis Vuitton Tasker Til Kvinder it will be much more difficult to catch fish.