• Players will form teams of four (4)
    • Three teams required to initiate game
    • Teams will have a minimum of three (3) players, in which case one team member can pick two numbers to total 4 numbers played
    • Team name / number will be written on top of your ticket prior to processing
    • All team tickets MUST be turned in together, so everyone is playing the same series of numbers
  • Team ticket will be played for ten (10) one-dollar games, no multipliers
    • If you choose you can submit a new ticket for each round of 10 games.
  • At the end of each round of ten games, team ticket will be processed for point calculation
    • Team will be awarded one point for each dollar won during the ten-game round.
    • Points per round per team will be recorded on white board.
    • Winnings for each round will be collected and held for a winner takes all at the end of the 4th
    • Minimum prize to winning team will be $50.00. If total of winning tickets is less than $50.00, bartender will do a payout from cash register to total $50.00
  • We will play four rounds of ten games, with a 15-minute break between rounds, the team with the most points after four rounds takes the cash.

With four (4) players per team, total cost to play all four rounds will only be $10.00 / player.